What happens after I have sent my text?

We’ll send you a reply pretty quickly. If you have good mobile phone reception it normally takes less than a minute.

Our reply will tell you the best spot price we can find (per tonne, assuming a 29 tonne load) for the crop and the best prices we can find for the coming months. We base our calculations on the following periods:

  • Spot price (to sell now)
  • January
  • May
  • Harvest (as soon as crop is available)
  • November

For example, if you sent us a message in October 2011, asking for the best ex-farm price for wheat collected from postcode PE16 6SS, you might get a reply like this:

11:55 22/06/2001 Ex-farm £/t Wheat PE16 6SS:
Spot £110.20
Jan 2012 £99.99
May 2012 £122.60
Harv 2012 £100.12
To commit, text which month e.g. “Jan”

You will see that the text message has the time and date on it, so you know how current the prices are. It then shows you the price per tonne (£/t) of that crop (wheat) collected from your postcode (PE16 6SS). This is what it means:

  • Spot: If you sold now, you’ll get £110.20/t
  • Jan 2012: You could arrange now to sell in January 2012 for £99.99/t
  • May 2012: You could arrange now to sell in May 2012 for £122.60/t
  • Harv 2012: You could arrange to sell in harvest 2012, as soon as the crop becomes available, at £100.12/t