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If you would like to try XFARM, we’ll provide six price enquiries from your mobile phone completely FREE ! Here’s how:
Send your SMS to XFARM
We search our database of prices
In just a few minutes, we send you the best ex-farm prices for your grain collected from your postcode
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  1. Using your mobile phone, text the commodity name (e.g. “Wheat”) followed by a comma (“,”) and then your postcode (e.g. “PE7 1XB”).
    • Text “Wheat, PE7 1XB”
    • Text “OSR, NE1 7RU”
  2. Then send your SMS to XFARM on 07537 410169
  3. Within moments, XFARM will respond with our best ex-farm prices for key periods of the year.
Note: Our buyers are most active between 10am and 5pm on weekdays.

Take advantage of XFARM and subscribe to gain access to our more detailed web interface, which includes the ability to tender your grain, plus 100 more SMS requests. As a subscriber to XFARM, eligible growers are able to accept any of the prices offered, and the approved buyer will contact you to arrange the sale at your chosen price. There’s more! If you pay just £100 + VAT per annum to subscribe as an XFARM user:

FREE TRIAL Subscribers
SMS enquiries from your mobile   Six free SMS enquiries   100 free SMS enquiries
Access ex-farm quotes for key periods of the year.   Yes, by SMS   Yes, by SMS and on the XFARM website
Access ex-farm quotes for up to 2 years in advance No   Yes, on the XFARM website
Accept the high prices. No   Yes!
Instant transaction reference. No   Yes!
Tender your grain to the highest bidder. No   Yes!
Tender your grain to the first buyer willing to purchase at the price you choose. No   Yes!
Log in to XFARM and manage your preferences No   Yes!
Cost   Free!   Just £100+vat per annum
To try XFARM, just send us a text. Or subscribe now for a year’s unlimited access.

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