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If you are looking for a quote, XFARM will search numerous buyers to find you the highest price available. As the prices are live we will hold them for a few minutes to evaluate your options. XFARM prices are continuously updating, so you can keep searching until you feel the price is right.

Don’t forget – before you commit to any sale, always consult your preferred grain buyer – they may even match the best price.

At any given time, merchant’s prices may vary by several £/tonne, use XFARM to establish that higher price.

When you Subscribe with XFarm you can enhance your market intelligence – 12 months unlimited access to great grain prices for just £100, including 100 text (sms) requests.

XFARM also provides a ‘Tender’ facility to realise even higher prices for large parcels of grain or for grain that is outside the scope of standard specifications – you set the terms.

XFarm is owned by Growing Opportunities Ltd giving the support needed to ensure we deliver our mission – to benefit growers.

We are completely impartial, obtaining quotes from all our participating buyers to benefit those who sell grain.
As the UK's fastest growing grain marketing website, XFARM can display instant online quotations to every postcode on the UK mainland.
Our buyers range from small family owned independent end-users to the larger regional and national merchants, giving you access to an even wider range of buyers.
The result? Faster, easier, secure pricing enabling sellers to research the market effectively without the small talk and the feeling of obligation which often results from one to one conversation.

With XFARM you can:

  • Instantly receive the most competitive ex-farm price for your specified grain from participating buyers;
  • Quickly benchmark your regular buyer against the rest of the market.
  • Benefit from XFARM’s ability to ‘Tender’ your grain should you wish to sell larger volumes or a certain specification.

Why Use XFARM?

There are thousands of growers in the UK who sell grain onto the open market. A large number sell grain to the same merchant year-on-year without checking if better prices may have been available elsewhere.
For a start, with XFARM we work hard to get you the best grain price that we can find from our participating buyers – enabling you to discreetly observe the market without drawing any attention from merchants.

We also apply a strict buyer criteria. All buyers must be TASCC assured an all must maintain an ‘above average’ (>60 Delphi score) for credit worthiness. This is monitored daily by EXPERIAN – The global data analysts.

Before you move your grain, email XFARM to check your merchant.

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